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Sukhothai is a small city in lower northern Thailand, and is home to some 36 000 people. The most famous attraction in the area is the ruins of the Kingdom of Sukhothai. The Kingdom was established in 1238 and lasted until 1438, and is considered by Thai historians to be the beginning of the Thai nation. This might have something to do with the literal translation of the name: The dawn of happiness. There is also little information available on kingdoms being around before Sukhothai.

The province of today is situated 427 kilometres from Bangkok and is 6596 km in area. It is 12km from the ruins of the old kingdom, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many tourists flock to Sukhothai, mainly due the ruins that are close by. The ancient city was the Thai capital during the 13 Century A.D and was also the first capital of Siam. There are many other historical sites, and all have been preserved and restored in the Sukhothai Historical Park.

The best way to view any beautiful area is by bike or on foot. There are plenty of options available at the Sukhotai National Historic Park and bicycles are available to rent right outside. For 10 Baht you can catch a songthaew (a pick up van with seats in the back) from the bus station or you could take a Tuk Tuk (3 wheeled contraptions of a sort) which should cost about B300. The driver will take you to the main ruins outside of town for this amount, and should give you a few hours of some historic viewing. Be careful not to be overcharged.

The ruins are more restored in certain areas than they are in others, be sure to explore as much of the 70km's as you can! Make sure to take some money along for the vendors you will see to purchase a map or hire a bicycle if you want to. There are other interesting places in the area, including national museums, parks, the Royal Palace and Wat Mahathat. The weather is slightly more comfortable from November to February, as it is cooler, but if the heat doesn't bother you than any month will work for a visit.

The New City also has interesting things on offer, so if you have spent your day at the ruins, why not sample some of the local foods in the fresh market early one morning? Sukhothai Noodles are recommended! Rent a bike and become one with the local way of life. Buy a Buddha for a buddy – not for yourself though, that's bad luck! Be sure to check out electronics at Thongchai Wittayu for all sorts of technical gadgets at bargain prices! There are also some great night spots in Sukhothai including Poo and King, The Chopper Bar and Sukhothai Night market but to name a few! Ask a local to show you around and enjoy Sukhothai – the new and the old!

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