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The city and port of Tauranga is the largest coastal city in the Bay of Plenty area, lying north of Rotorua along a section of the large and sprawling Tauranga Harbor. Tauranga is a good place to go when you’re tired of being on the road.  Lots of beautiful parks and no major attractions give you the excuse to lie back and do nothing! However, if you’re planning on doing some white-water rafting sometime during your stay in the North Island, Tauranga is home base to several rafting companies. Unrivaled excitement on some of the North Island’s most exhilarating rivers awaits the adventurous spirit, and Tauranga is a great place to do some investigating into the great variety of trips available.

The main shopping drag in Tauranga is The Strand, but you can escape the hustle and bustle of the commercial center by strolling through the Strand Gardens on the eastern side of the street. For an enjoyable one-hour walk back a hundred years, continue to the northern end of the Strand where the intricately carved Maori war canoe Te Awanui is on display, then follow the path up to the complex earthworks of the Monmouth Redoubt. This area, commonly called "The Camp," was the site of the original military settlement that overlooked the Bay. The well-kept Robbins Park, in the knoll between the Redoubt and the cemetery, has a Begonia house, rose gardens, and aviary within its grounds. 

The 840-foot bores at Tauranga are the source for the internationally known Fernland Sparkling Mineral Water, but if you’d rather immerse yourself in it than drink it, head for Fernland Mineral Hot Pools in the Tauranga suburb of Te Reti. The water is pumped daily from underground into the main public pool and eight large private pools. 

If you’re looking for some excellent game fishing or diving action, Mayor Island is the place to go. The game-fishing season starts late in December and runs well into April, when marlin, sharks, tuna, and yellowtail kingfish cruise the Bay of Plenty. The island also offers abundant marine life in the crystal-clear waters, and great bush walks through pohutukawa forests to two colorful crater lakes – in ancient times the island was a center of intense geothermal activity. There’s a large variety of bird life (listen for the distinct bell bird) and great swimming at Opo Bay at the southern end of the island.

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