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The smallest and most southern of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is a picturesque land of islands, lakes, forests and white beaches, with character and timeless charm to spare. Places to see in Denmark are many to choose from. Vestiges of its ancient royal heritage remain today in the form of its many stately castles - including Kronborg, the inspiration for Elsinore in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', as well as countless historic estates, towns and villages. Travel denmark and find out how an exciting European travel destination it is.


Where ever you travel in Jutland you are never far from the sea or a scenic sunset. Denmark has no less than 7,314 kilometers of delightfully exhilarating coastline and the Peninsula is lined with seaside resorts. Henne Strand has one of Europe's widest and most beautiful sandy beaches, with soft, high dunes that stretch off as far as the aye can see. The cosy holiday towns and lively hamlets and harbours of the Danish Riviera also include Lokken, formerly a fishing village, and the charming 600-year-old provincial retreat of Skagen blessed with a special azure sky light that has attracted generations of artists, including the 19th Century impressionists much of whose work is housed in the local museums. Most Denmark holidays are concentrated in this region of the country. Visit denmark with many attractions.

Zealand & Bornholm Sea

As well as the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark is made up of around 500 islands, only 100 of which are inhabited. Largest of these is Zealand, home to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, Scandinavia's largest and liveliest city. No visit here would be complete without taking a stroll or hopping on a ferry to see the city's most famous icon, Edvard Eriksen's sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen's the Little Mermaid. At the northern tip of Zealand is the holiday region of Ragelege and to the south is Kalvehave. Across the Baltic Sea, south-east of Copenhagen, lies the beautiful rocky island of Bornholm, with its twin beach resorts of Sandvig and Allinge. Places to visit in Denmark are many to keep you busy during your holiday.

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