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Located at the foot of the Black Forest, Baden-Baden, Germany awaits the thousands of tourists who eagerly flock to this beautiful slice of Germany. Famous people, from royalty to pop stars, have visited Baden-Baden, stating how fascinating and exciting the city is.

The first impression you have of Baden-Baden is of quiet sophistication. The streets are filled with the soft fragrance of white poplar trees and roses, emphasising the grandeur of palatial villas and other historical buildings.

Tours around the city offer a wealth of cultural attractions and interesting things to do. The first port of call for most tourists is the Friedrichsbad. The Friedrichsbad is a bathhouse dating from the late 1880s, although on first look it looks more like a grand palace than anything else. Numerous pools allow you to soak away your cares in soothing waters ranging from 18 to 36 degrees Celsius. Then you can enjoy the sensations from the various hot and cold showers, steam rooms and saunas’, making sure your body is thoroughly clean and purified. However, remember there are no clothes worn here so make sure you are prepared to leave your modesty at the door.

The fragrant plant lined streets of Lichtentaler Allee have been the playground of the rich and the poor, the famous and ordinary alike, and it is little wonder why. 19th century artists of all genres would come here and gain inspiration and mingle. At the start of the street is the theatre, a magnificent building made from white and red sandstone. The wonderful array of shops finishes with the 13th century Cistercian abbey, Kloster Lichtenthal.

For the most outstanding views of the surrounding area, a hike up to the terrace to Renaissance Neues Schloss is another place to cross off your list of things to do in Baden-Baden. This was once a palace belonging to the margravial family of Baden-Baden but hard times have unhappily forced them to auction off some of their heirlooms and turn it into a luxurious five star hotel. This is the place for lovers; it is deeply romantic and will conjure up an atmosphere that even Scrooge would be unable to resist.

Restaurants in Baden-Baden allows for travellers to sample the many culinary specialities native to the area. These include the famous Badische Schäufele, Bibbeliskaes and Schneckensuppe and will make your tastebuds tingle with delight. Restaurants can be quite reasonable here, no matter if you choose a trendy and stylish place over somewhere with a genuine historical feel.

Hotels in Baden-Baden vary depending on what the individual tourist’s desire. For lovers and honeymooners romantic guesthouses and historic hotels will make both parties’ hearts’ swoon in delight; family groups will marvel at the comfort of the accommodation throughout the city. But no matter which you are looking for the hospitality of the locals cannot be matched anywhere else in the country.

Tourism has been booming in this beautiful city for many years and there seems no stopping it anytime soon. The city is a treasure chest full of cultural and historical sites and a tour around Baden-Baden ensures something new to discover with every step.

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