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Karlsruhe is a city which beats to its own drum. It is a city which is so alive, so vibrant, that its pulse seems to merge with your very own as soon as you step foot into the city. It is a stunning city, full of green parts, flower-lined streets, old monuments and modern structures, forming a city which makes you smile as it steals your breath away.

One of the features which makes Karlsruhe so interesting is its layout; the city was designed to resemble the rays of the sun. The centre of the town is its heart and its streets fan off from her. Each street waits for the excited visitor to explore its wealth of hidden delights, and delighted you will be on discovering them.

Karlsruhe was once ruled by the margraves and their legacy still lives on today through the amazing buildings and parks they commissioned. Perhaps the very best is Karlsruhe Palace, located at the centre of town. It was on this exact spot that the city was founded by Margrave Charles William of Baden-Durlach in 1715. Guided tours are available to take you around this beautiful neo-classical palace and its delightful gardens as it is so huge that you could be in danger of getting lost.

Another stunning example of architecture is the Gottesaue Palace. Located in Ostaue Park, it may not be on the same grand scale as Karlsruhe Palace, but it is just as beautiful. In itially it was commissioned as a Benedictine abbey in the 11th century but today serves as a famous music collage. Throughout history it has been repeatedly destroyed but with each restoration, it has increased its charm and appeal.

The Market Square is a truly wonderful place to explore, especially with its eye-catching pyramid. In 1823, a pyramid was erected over the crypt, known as Concordia Church, of the founder of the city. 16 stone pillars surround the pyramid, as if protecting the man who made the city what it is today. Yet the pyramid is not the only feature which makes the market square so enticing. The Rathus (town hall) and the Stadtkirche (an evangelical church) will capture both your eyes and imagination. The church has a striking spire which reaches up to a staggering height of 205 feet. The man who designed it wanted the church to resemble an ancient Greek temple and a bell tower was commissioned by Charles Frederick, the Grand Duke of Baden.

Restaurants in Karlsruhe are considered to be some of the best in the Black Forest region. Palettes will appreciate the vast array of international restaurants that can be found throughout the city, but it is the local dishes which will make your tastebuds tingle with delight.

Hotels in Karlsruhe are just as appealing as the city itself. The nightly rates are extremely reasonable compared to other cities in the region and each feature clean rooms, comfortable beds and service served with genuine smiles.

Karlsruhe was created with the sun in mind and it may be because of this that the city creates a truly sunny feel to it. It is a wonderful city to tour around; although it is a relatively young city, it is nonetheless a vibrant destination which will envelop you with its zest for life.

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