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Known as 'little Paris', due to Goethe's Faust, Leipzig is a marvellous city just waiting to welcome you with open arms. It has a profusion of restaurants, churches, museums and theatres, lending the city an air of sophistication and refinement, yet friendly enough to welcome visitors from all backgrounds.

Leipzig is perhaps well known for its important role in the gripping revolution of 1989.The local people, outraged by the communist regime, organised a series of protests against it. In May there were only a handful, but by October thousands were taking to the streets in peaceful protests. Images of residents placing lit candles on the steps of the police headquarters still conjure up evocative images.

Today, Leipzig is a city celebrated for its love of learning, culture and nightlife. It has a strong student community, with students coming here from all over the world. When the sun goes down, so do the books and the hair. However, Leipzig has many theatres and orchestra halls and it enjoys a passionate reputation for its classical arts.

One of the most famous residents of Leipzig was the musical genius, Bach, who made the city his home. Even today, locals are proud of the man who gave the world some of the best music ever written. There are several places dedicated to him but two of the best include the Back Museum and the Bach Memorial. The museum is located opposite the Thomaskirche and the memorial nearby.

Kids of all ages will enjoy Leipzig as well as adults, especially when taken to the city zoo. The Leipzig Zoo is a true delight as it is home to numerous rare and exotic species, including gorillas, tigers and roaring lions. However, it is the elephant enclosure which draws the most gasps from the crowds, as it was designed to resemble a Cambodian temple back in 2006.

Located in the east of the city you will find the Nikolaikirche. Originally both Romanesque and Gothic, this church is truly beautiful to behold. For centuries it has had an important role in the lives of the local people, being both a religious and social centre, and continued this role right up to the present day. In 1989, it was the location for many protests against the communist regime and is proud of its connection to the people's freedom. Inside, the church is just as spectacularly beautiful as its facade with its gorgeous cream coloured pews and pillars that never seem to stop.

Restaurants in Leipzig pride themselves on what they serve, and what they serve is fine indeed. There are many national and international restaurants in Leipzig, all dedicated to serving delicious food in creative and attractive ways. A local speciality is the Gose beer which you can opt to drink pure or top with fruit juice or spirits.

If you are searching for accommodation in Leipzig then you swon't have to look very far; Leipzig has an abundance of hotels and guesthouses all ready to offer you clean rooms, reasonable rates and friendly service. Some of the best hotels can be found on the city outskirts where you can enjoy the beauty and quiet of the countryside but be within walking distance of all the attractions.

Leipzig is a city where the people are passionate about all things in life – music, the arts, history, culture and the future. When you visit this amazing city, you will find yourself becoming just as passionate as they are about Leipzig.

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