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Germany never fails to surprise travellers. Everywhere is different. From the castle-crested hills of the Rhine Valley, to the Bavarian Alps, the mysterious Black Forest and the spa towns of the south west. It is a beautiful landscape of rich cultural heritage and strong customs, as well as many tourist attractions. Travel to Germany and find out how enchanting, charming and distinctive it is.


Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyGermany is a land steeped in legend and mythology and nowhere is that more true than in the Rhineland-Palatinate. Here you will find Loreley Rock, the River Rhine's alluring temptress and the most famous figure of German folklore. Pleasure cruisers now run this stretch of the river, where the Rhine is at its majestic best, sailing past castles, picturesque white-painted villages and vineyards - a romantic landscape that has inspired poets, painters and writes for centuries. Away from the vine-covered river banks, follow the scenic Wine Route, or tour the vast planes of the Lower Rhine farmlands and the strange volcanic lakes of the Eifel Hills.

Central Germany

As in much of Germany, there is a fairytale air to the Lower Saxony and Harz regions. This is a delightful area of rolling hills, narrow rocky valleys, lakes and charming old world towns like Hameln, the Hamlin of Pied Piper Legend.


St. Barthlomew Church on Konigsee, BavariaBavaria is a magical and enchanting year-round destination. Ski down Olympic slopes beneath snow-capped peaks in winter, or hike through mountain pastures to the clank of cowbells in summer. Some of the best-known places include the world-class winter sports centre of Garmish-Partenkirchen - with its famous alpine jump - Mittenwald and the quaint town of Oberammergau, home of the Passion Play. Here, too, you will find many of Germany's most inviting spa resorts. Discover the vast expanse of wooded hills in eastern Bavaria, hidden villages of the half-timbered houses, pretty onion-domed churches and fairytale castles. Since Bavaria is also famous for its lederhosen, Weisswurst and beer festivals, don't be surprised to find yourself arm in arm with your fellow drinkers in a traditional Bavarian Beer garden, swaying gently to the music of the oompah band.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest, GermanyIt may have inspired more than its fair share of folk legends, fairy tales and superstitions, but the Schwarzwald or Black Forest is anything but dark and gloomy. Even though its delightful little villages and towns are tucked away in deep valleys beneath the forest's thick wooded slopes, this corner of south west Germany is a colourful leisure paradise, known for its health, hiking, hunting and outdoor sports. Resorts include the elegant spa town of Baden-Baden, and those like Hinterzarten dotted around the beautiful Lake Titisee. Specialities of the region include Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte - Black Forest Gateau - and its cuckoo clocks.

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