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Portugal Overview

Portugal, where the Atlantic meets Europe, a vast coastal strip with stunningly beautiful beaches bordered by cliffs, inland burnt by the sun, a vast cultural heritage and history associated with a famous cuisine and here you're in the land of Oporto and Fado. Algarve is Portugal's most popular travel destination with a tropical climate and more than 100 miles of excitingly beautiful coastline, featuring a number of Blue Flag clean beaches which makes Portugal a true blue travel destination. Visit Portugal and find out how diverse it is.

Northern Portugal travel

Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga, PortugalFor those familiar with fashionable Algarve, the north of the country is a very different Portugal. This is a rural area of enchanting natural beauty that hides breathtaking landscapes, craggy mountains, acres of green forests, fertile valleys, historical towns and golden sandy beaches. The terraced hillside vineyards of Minho, Douro and Oporto make this a kingdom of wine, where you can tour wineries and port wine lodges for a true taste of Portugal. Braga is an ancient Roman city and, with more than 300 churches, it is also Portugal's religious capital. Outside the city, the Baroque splendour of Bom Jesus do Monte is home to a spectacular pilgrimage shrine, while Geres, a spa town in the Peneda Geres National Park, is the perfect starting point for exploring the exceptional mountain scenery and wildlife. Of the other immensely fascinating and varied attractions of the north, try not to miss the remote and hauntingly beautiful areas of Tras-os-Montes - 'Beyond the Mountains' - and the historic province of Beira Baixa.

Central Portugal

Silver Coast (Costa de Prata) of Portugal South from the River Douro, facing out towards the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Portuguese Riviera, a 50km stretch of fine beaches that includes the Costa de Prata and the Costa do Sol and well known resorts such as the cosmopolitan town of Estoril and the laid-back, but sophisticated former fishing village of Cascais. Portugal's maritime capital of Lisbon has been described as one of the world's most beautiful cities and visitors are drawn to its historic buildings, broad avenues and bustling, cosmopolitan atmosphere. South of the capital, across the Tagus Estuary, are the coastal resorts of Setubal and Sesimbra. Inland sights include the historic town of Sintra, described as 'a glorious Eden' by classic poet Lord Byron. This national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site is a maze of peaks, ravines, fresh water springs and, as the favorite retreat of the former kings of Portugal, three fabulous Moorish style palaces. Further north, the winding streets and alleyways of the lively university city of Coimbra feature the baroque fantasy of the university library and some of Portugal's finest example of Romanesque architecture.

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