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Birmingham is one of the largest cities in the UK. With an area of over 75 square miles, and a population just shy of one millions, it is one of the largest cities in the whole of Europe.  Due to sever bombings to the city during, and just after the Second World War, Birmingham took stage to a huge redevelopment with ring-roads and office buildings. All of this activity gave the city the reputation of being a ‘concrete jungle’ so to speak.

The city’s officials began to take not of what the city was being dubbed as, which has resulted in a huge transformation within the centre of the city. The Bullring shopping mall which currently features the futuristic Selfridges building, along with Brindleyplace’s award-winning Water’s Edge development, are just a few of the projects that were laid out  and have greatly added to the beautiful attractions the city of Birmingham has to offer.

Adding to the fantastic restaurants, diverse shopping facilities and lively night life, the city also has a first-class cultural scene which is home to the Birmingham Royal Ballet and also the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Adding to these is the ever famous NEC Arena which has staged many live music and entertainment events over the years, along with the National Indoor Arena. We strongly recommend you check your diary to visit these fantastic venues at least once throughout the course of your stay, to feel a bit of the ‘Brummie’ atmosphere first-hand.

The hotel which seems to be receiving the most positive feedback at the moment amongst tourists who have stayed in the city of Birmingham, is the Crowne Plaza. Just across the road from the Pendigo Way National Exhibition Centre lies this simple, yet elegant hotel, and is also host to one of the most unique bars in the area. If you are looking for a place with a fabulous location that is easily accessible to the city centre, then look no further than here. For all of you chocolate lovers out there, a trip to Cadbury World in Bourneville is a definite must. This is where you will see arguable the greatest chocolate in the world being made in all its glory.

Other attractions that Birmingham has to offer, and is often overlooked, are the fantastic array of beautiful parks on hand. Birmingham can boast over 150 parks in the city. The Centre Park in Erdington stands out as being one of the more popular parks for a soothing and relaxing walk after a long days shopping! The Aston Park in Ladywood is another attraction with great landscapes and acres of green on offer.

If you are looking to delve into the history and culture of Birmingham, then look no further than Jewellery Quarter Museum.  Open all year round, with free admission; this museum gives an insightful story into Birmingham’s notorious jewellery and metalworking heritage. The Aston Hall on Trinity Road is also another must-see attraction. Having just undergone a 12.5 million pound makeover by the Birmingham City Council (amongst others), the site is set to open to the public once again in mid July. With the creation of the Lifelong Learning Centre, Aston Hall should definitely be on your list as a perfect place to relax and relieve some stress once it re-opens.

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