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Known in the UK as the family-holiday capital, Blackpool really is a great place to visit. Filled with adventure parks galore, amongst stunning scenery, its easy to see why so many families choose to come here for a well earned, but full of fun, break. Having the UK's most popular beach resort, it’s estimated that 10 million tourists per year visit this wonderful location. As each day goes by, Blackpool is becoming filled with more and more different forms of entertainment and is always continuously adding to its fantastic array of live shows and exquisite attractions. Every year there is always something new to see or do in Blackpool, which is one of the many reasons why it is such a popular destination year in, year out.

Back in the 18th Century, Blackpool was nothing other than a small village with 7 miles of sandy coastline. The resort developed dramatically in the Victorian era and has emerged today as one of the UK's biggest getaway resorts. The world famous 'Blackpool Tower' is an attraction that must be visited by all ages. Boasting an array of entertainment around it, Blackpool Tower really is a sight to behold. One restaurant that seems to be getting plenty of positive feedback amongst travellers to the city is the Blackpool Tower Ballroom Restaurant. Its glowing reviews has resulted in it recently being awarded the 'Taste Lancashire - Quality Assured' label; which is no easy feat! The Pleasure Beach is the most visited tourist area in the UK, attracting more that 7 million visitors every year! This city is, really and truly, the 'entertainment capital' of the UK.

The Golden Mile is the stereotypical seaside resort. From candyfloss to chips, and cheeky T-shirts to cheeky hats, the Golden Mile certainly has it all. If slot machines are your desire, no other City in the UK can boast more. The roller-coasters at Pleasure Beach are amongst the biggest and fastest in the world, but if you’re more into slower rides there’re plenty of these on offer to. The Blackpool Zoo Park, which is just 3.5 kilometres from the Promenade, offers a huge selection of different animals, from tigers through to elephants, for people to see. What is more, Blackpool Zoo is one of the most modern zoos in Europe, allowing visitors to get some fantastic views of the animals as well as a wealth of information about them to. Blackpool also has a wide variety of aquariums, the most popular of which is 'The Sea Life Centre Wonders'. With a wide array of sea creatures, the aquarium lets its visitors come face to face with sharks, rays, and many other aspects of the marine life.

Blackpool is not just known for its entertainment and beautiful scenery. The city also takes pride in being one of the first cities in the UK to bring in new and innovative ideas. With the UK's weather being somewhat temperamental (to say the least!), Blackpool recently created The Sandcastle - which is the cities first tropical indoor seaside. Acting as a beach, with a children’s harbour, and exotic plants, this really is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. So if the weather is not what you expected, Blackpool certainly has the answer!

If live entertainment is something that you enjoy, then Blackpool has it in abundance. The Empress Ballroom hosts some of the best opera performances in the UK. The Pier-end Theatre is a place that can offer a host of traditional shows, such as live music and magic shows which ensure that tourists visiting will always feel some of the culture that Blackpool has to offer. If you are after fun-filled and relaxing entertainment then there are a host of cabaret shows that are also within walking distance of the central entertainment area of Blackpool.

Blackpool really is a special city, and there is none other like it in the UK. There really is something for everyone, and all visitors seem to walk away with a smile and bounce in their step, wanting to come back for more.

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