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Famous for being vibrant, colourful, and one of the most creative cities in the UK; Brighton is rapidly becoming a huge tourist destination. If it’s a peak into Regency heritage that you are after, or just a stroll along the coast, Brighton can offer this all in abundance. With its funky arts, famous nightlife and award winning restaurants, Brighton is definitely the place to be if your young and want to live it up a little!

The Brighton Pier is possibly the most famous pier amongst its other equivalents in the UK. Most famous for its good old English fish and chips and its fantastic assortment of bars, Brighton Pier is perhaps any visitor’s first port of call. Also along the pier is the Brighton Sea Life Centre, which is an aquarium that must be visited by all ages. Boasting over 150 different species and over 50 displays, you will be hard pressed to find a more fun, yet educational experience for your family. Another location that must be visited during your stay in Brighton is the Komedia venue. With its all year round entertainment programme, this events venue can boast theatre, comedy, jazz and a unique mix of dining and live music; all under one roof! Komedia is certainly a place to be visited if you want to get a feel of the vibrant Brighton nightlife.

The Coral Brighton and Hove Greyhound stadium is based on Nevill Road and is largely seen as being the best greyhound racing stadium in the British Isles. With a capacity above 2,000, the venue can also boast spectacular amenities with exquisite cuisine. The Skyline restaurant comes highly recommended, and is definitely the place to be seated on race nights. Seating up to 480 diners, the combined atmosphere of the stadium, and restaurant, is truly something that must be experienced on any visit to Brighton.

If you become tired of the seemingly never ending nightlife and live entertainment, Brighton has a host of parks and gardens for you to relax and unwind. If peace tranquillity is something you seek whilst in Brighton (perhaps after a late night out at the Komedia!), the Royal Pavillion Gardens is the place to visit. There are also plenty of soothing ponds to wonder round, and plenty to explore in the Victoria Clock Tower of Queens Park. With such great choice of entertainment, sometimes people can overlook the more peaceful, yet engaging sites that Brighton has in its grasp.

For shoppers looking for a break in Brighton, the Jaba Yard has a host of stores to keep anyone busy. With such a wide variety of fashion boutiques and fancy restaurants, it’s no wonder why so many are taking to Brighton for their fix of the latest fashions and trends. Another aspect in which Brighton is not really renowned for is its museums and art galleries. The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is one that stands out from the rest - offering a perfect day out for those of you seeking some more information in regards to the history of this fabulous city. Another museum that is a must visit is the Booth Museum of National History, which offers a fantastic insight into the natural world. Another site that we recommend to visit is the Preston Manor House. With its Edwardian interior this beautiful house really does give you an in depth history of what Brighton was once about.

There is plenty to enjoy in Brighton for those who want a peaceful weekend at the coast as well as those who want to go out and have some late nights. Brighton caters to the needs to both perfectly well, and also lets you mix the two if you so desire. It really is a fantastic place to visit and is likely just going to get more and more popular as the years go on.

When the sun goes down, Brighton's nightlife comes alive! A colourful history and unique character make this cheeky seaside resort a favourite for stag weekends with something on offer for everyone! An excellent location for activities and water-sports, plenty of bars and clubs, a top naughty boy venue with everything from burlesque to can-can, what more do you need!

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