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With so much to see and do in Bristol, it can be difficult for some to fit everything into their vacation - but this doesn't seem to worry most visitors as many like to have an excuse to visit the city again! From technology exhibits to natural caves; educational zoos to ancient sailing ships, there is plenty to do - whatever your interests and whatever your age.

There are a host of guided walks that can give you a feel of what Bristol is all about. The Bristol Pirate Walk and the Clifton Suspension Bridge walk are a few that stand out from the rest, providing insightful guides into the history of the city. If it is a bit of sea air that you crave, the Bristol Ferry Boat Tours offers a great day out along the Avon Gorge. The Tangaroa is an 82 foot long sailing ship that also offers tours along the Avon Gorge departing from the centre of Bristol. For those who enjoy great views, and who don't mind boats, these boat tours really are a great day out and a fantastic way of seeing Bristol from a different angle.

For those of you trying to get a feel of the history and culture that the city of Bristol has to offer, nothing stands out more than the City Museum & Art Gallery. This museum is free to enter and contains ancient artefacts, boasting an ever changing schedule of art expeditions and forthcoming events. The Royal West of England Academy was Bristol's first art gallery and has collected just over 1000 works of art - and is still going. Also, just a short trip from Bristol's city centre lays the Ashton Court Estate. This historic home gives travellers a brief history into Bristol, and covers over 800 acres of woods and grasslands. Another landmark that is definitely worth a visit is the Thornbury Castle. This is another historic house that was once owned by the former King of England: Henry VIII.

If shopping is what you’re on the hunt for you will certainly not be disappointed with the variety, and standard of shops that Bristol has to offer. Adjacent to the Cabot Circus lays 300 shops and department stores in Broadmead. If it’s a great selection of high street stores you are after, look no further than The Mall Bristol, which is a popular area within Broadmead. Due to the fact that it has a multi-storey car park in alignment with the shopping complex, visitors can get to Broadmead, The Mall Bristol and Cabot Circus with sufficient ease by can and also public transport. With all of this on offer, it's no wonder why Bristol is becoming quickly established as the shopping capital of England outside of London. Just a short walk from Broadmead and you'll find yourself at the centre of some incredible old buildings from the Old City. Places from the Old City, such as Broad Street, Corn Street, King Street and Welsh Back still remain the same as to how they looked just over one hundred years ago. It truly is a fascinating place that must be seen to be believed. It is guaranteed you will need a camera walking around the Old City - it really is remarkable.

Other attractions that are adding to the glowing reputation that Bristol has set itself are the Explore-At-Bristol technology centre, and The Bristol Hippodrome. Both offer you a great day out with the technology centre showcasing some of the most up to date gadgets available on the market and the Hippodrome having some of the UK's top theatre performances playing out throughout the year.

Home to one of the top universities in the UK, Bristol also has a lively and buzzing atmosphere throughout the day and night. The wealth of students’ means there is a host of excellent bars, cafes and restaurants - catering to the many varied music and dining tastes of Bristol's students and residents. Bristol is a fantastic city to visit and is a favourite with many tourists.

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