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Sheffield is quickly becoming one of the UK’s most prominent tourist attractions. With its visitor numbers increasing on a daily basis, it’s not wonder the locals are so proud of their city. With such a great assortment of shopping centres, parks and cultural attractions, it’s not wonder why so many people are flocking to this part of the UK.

The Sheffield City Hall in Barker’s Pool is a must visit due to it being one of Sheffield’s most popular entertainment and concert venues. Check out your diary throughout your stay and mark in the perfect time to visit here when a good performance is on. Also, the Sheffield Winter Garden in Surrey Street is truly a sight to behold. This Garden has won numerous awards over the past few years and still stands as being one of the UK’s largest temperate glass buildings over the past one hundred years. To witness this in reality will certainly be a big plus point once visiting this wonderful city.

Another venue to visit, and arguably the most famous arena in Sheffield, is the Sheffield Arena in Broughton Lane. Theatre, live expeditions, ice shows and concerts have taken stage in this arena since the early 90’s and can comfortably hold above 12,000 people. Once again, if your time of stay coincides with a major event, we strongly recommend a visit to this awe inspiring arena. Sheffield’s City Centre, based in Surrey Street, is host to a large array of super stores, fantastic restaurants and great night life. Whether you are staying for a long period, or short stay, there is always a place to go and shop, or an attraction to go and visit in the centre of Sheffield. This place is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s top attractions.

Sheffield is not just known for its fantastic shopping centres and on-going history, it also has plenty of parks that many visitors go opt to walk through to relax and unwind after a hectic days shopping in the city centre. The Firth and Western Parks based in the city are currently receiving glowing reviews for their soothing atmospheres and endless landscapes of beautiful scenery. If the weather is right, a stroll in either of these is sure to provide a great end to a long day sight-seeing.

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