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England's green and pleasant land can be a timeless world of rural landscapes, thatched cottages, sleepy villages, bustling market towns and cosy pubs with roaring log fires. Or it can be ancient landmarks, castles, country houses and museums and art galleries rich in history and culture. But it is also a cosmopolitan nation where the theatre, shopping and vibrant nightlife rate among the world's best. Read more on England travel guide.

Canal Boats

The pace of life on England's canals is never more than a leisurely 4mph, so climb abroad your narrow boat, take the helm and enjoy the tranquil, scenic countryside backwaters, or explore the hidden routes that can take you right into the heart of many towns or cities.


Like its fine whiskies, Scotland rewards the connoisseur. The wild, romantic tumble of majestic mountains, hidden glens, deep blue lochs and heather-clad moors that were once battlefields are all to be savoured, as is the unique Scottish experience of clans, bagpipes, haggis and tartan kilts. Read more on Scotland travel guide.


Even if this tiny principality were 10 times the size it is, you would still be amazed how much it crams into its borders. As if dramatic valleys, mountain peaks and rugged cliffs were not enough, crumbling castles, medieval abbeys and ancient churches beckon, too. This is also a fascinating land of legends and myths, of druids, wizards and fire-breathing dragons. Read more on Wales travel guide.

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