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Standing at the doorway of a new future, these are exciting times for Scotland. Finally having its own parliament for the first time in 292 years, what the future entails isn't entirely clear yet, but you can be sure that the colorful tapestry of Scotland's past will be woven into its future.

If you're interested in seeing the best of Scotland, visit when the glorious purple heather is in full bloom, in other words, during their summer. Otherwise you're likely to get wet. Remember that Edinburgh gets thick with tourists during their festival period (especially for the Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival, both taking place in August), so it's advised to book far in advance for accommodation (unless you plan to camp at any of several campgrounds skirting the city.) During winter, travel to the outer islands is harder to come by and public transport isn't as frequent. Yet, you'd be surprised at how warm the country is throughout the year considering that most of Scotland is at the same latitude as the Canadian Sub-Arctic. This is all due to the Gulf Stream, the warm air current flowing in from the southeast across the Atlantic and warming the UK.

If you're ready for the delight and scenic inspiration of the Western Highlands, start your day by heading northwest out of Edinburgh to get a look at the country's other magnificent castle. True, once you've seen Edinburgh Castle you'll think you'll never see another so beautiful, but Stirling Castle is indeed a stirring sight. Next, head north to Trossachs, the entryway to the Highlands. Continuing north you'll notice the mountains getting higher and rugged scenery getting more spectacular, all culminating at Glen Coe where hikers can stop for a peak at Fort William before trekking up the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis. If you're not into hiking, you can get a splendid view of the mountain at Corpach, which is also the beginning of the Road to the Isles. Take this road to Glenfinnan, stopping at the Silver Sands of Morar, onward to Mallaig for some seafood before continuing on to the ferry terminal for the Island of Skye. Make sure you give yourself time to explore the famous island, several days at least, before heading back to the mainland on the Skye Bridge. Once back, continue north to Plockton village and take in its surrounding heathen-strewn mountains on the way to Glen Torridon. Finally, make your way to Inverness, where, if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the famous Loch Ness Monster in Loch Ness. Is it a legend or is it real? Either way, the people of Inverness have had a lot of fun (and profit) with their mysterious lurking sea monster, affectionately known as Nessie.

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