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The city of Kingston is located in Eastern Ontario, on the St. Lawrence River. It is a small city with only 150,000 people, but it is a critical location, historically. The mouth of the St. Lawrence River was critical for Canada in its early establishment, because it serves as a mouth for access to the major centers of Eastern Canada. As a result, Kingston has a strong military history and today is home to Canadian Forces Base Kingston, military communications and other training centers, and the Royal Military College of Canada. The refurbished Fort Frontenac is located on the site of the original Fort. The economy of Kingston relies heavily on the military and the academics.

Kingston is also home to Queen's University, one of the foremost and oldest Universities in Canada. The University has a large population, and combined with the military, makes Kingston a demographically young city. Kingston is home to UNESCO designated Rideau Canal, and is a city rich in tourist attractions, culture and history. This Canadian city offers beautiful landscapes and impressive historic walking tours.

Kingston boasts being the birthplace of ice hockey, but this is often contested. Whether it truly is the birthplace of ice hockey, the city, like the rest of Canada, takes pride in its hockey heritage.

At nighttime in Kingston, you can see a different side of the city by taking a Haunted Tour. The official guide will wear a cloak and carry a lantern, as he guides you through the reportedly haunted sites, including the Courthouse where many hangings used to take place, Fort Henry and the haunted student house.

Only a few city blocks from the University, you can find many pubs and restaurants. Princess Street is a popular stretch, which is home to the old-fashioned style pub, The Toucan and The Iron Duke on Wellington. The Ale House often has live music, featuring some well-known Canadian talent. Kingston is home to many Canadian artists, both of the performing arts and in music. Members of Canadian bands The Tragically Hip, The Headstones and the Arrogant Worms hail from Kingston.

The annual Limestone City Blues Festival is aptly named, because of the high number of classic limestone buildings in Kingston, and aptly located, as the music scene in Kingston is vibrant and always worth checking out if you’re in town. 

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