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Almost any Canadian will tell you that their favorite Canadian city is Quebec City. And no wonder. Wandering around the 400-year-old city feels like a stroll through old Europe. Once the center of New France, Quebec City's stone houses line its narrow winding streets while church spires in every direction call to mind the France of the 17th century. The old forts of Haute-Ville, the grandiose government buildings, and the Parliament beautifully illustrate how important Quebec City has been in the history of Canada. Its historical and architectural wealth are so rich that the city and its surroundings were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in the mid-eighties, the first such designation in North America. List of things to do in Quebec City are endless. Discover best of this modern gem with our Quebec travel guide offering tourism and travel information with hotels, tourist attractions, places to visit and more.

An enchanting place in any season, the winters are especially magical in Quebec City. The sparkling snow under the street lamps and settling on the old rooftops makes you think you're wandering through a scene of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Diners appear through the window panes of restaurants, their faces glowing from the flickering lights of the hearth. Perhaps they've come to Quebec City to ski at nearby Mont Sainte-Anne, or perhaps to enjoy Carnival—a lively Winterlude festival—in February. Quebec City summer festival is one of the biggest outdoor artistic events in the country.

With the vast majority of its population (roughly 95%) being of French ancestry, the capital of the province of Quebec welcomes visitors from the world over and most city dwellers speak at least a little English. A lively city throughout the year, its restaurants, cafes and bars are always thriving, while outside, musicians, street performers, and artists are to be found entertaining crowds even in the winter.

Perched high up on a cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Quebec City is a formidable site. It is also the only walled city in North America north of Mexico. It feels like a living museum inside the fortified walls — the walls which protect the narrow streets of Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec) and the 17th and 18th century houses. As you wander through the old town, you're sure to question whether you are really in North America at all. Visitors will also want to visit the Plaines of Abraham, the historic battle site in which France lost its territory to England in a single afternoon in 1759. North of the Gaspe Peninsula in Gaspesian Provincial Park is the Mont Jacques Cartier, which is one of the loveliest place to explore in eastern Quebec, Canada. Montmorency Falls Park, not far from the city centre, is a perfect place to stroll about and admire the falls.

With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to eat. A good rule of thumb in this city is to try whatever restaurant is especially crowded. Quebec City does have some tourist trap restaurants around the Quebec City Chateau Frontenac area, so it's best to go down the steps into the lower town to find the true gems. One favorite is Aux Anciens Canadiens. Housed in a home built in 1676, the restaurant serves hearty country cooking and famous Quebecois specialties. All the servers are dressed in historic outfits and offer dishes such as duckling in maple syrup sauce, caribou in blueberry wine sauce, and buffalo casserole. Prices are reasonable, especially for lunch. So visit Quebec City with so many travel options.

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