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Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, is a sprawling, modern, multicultural metropolis with several million residents. The city enjoys a much more relaxed and refined atmosphere than Mexico City. Enjoy shady, relaxing parks, discover centuries-old sculptures hidden away in small parks, tree-lined boulevards, world-class museums, gourmet restaurants, beautiful residential areas, large department stores, and upscale boutiques. Upon arrival, it may be difficult to generate enthusiasm about what the city has to offer. But hidden within the heart of this exciting city is the 16th-century Guadalajara, which overflows with historic color. This heart of old Guadalajara covers seven blocks. At its western end is the Plaza Guadalajara, dwarfed by a superb Cathedral; at the southern end is the Plaza de Armas, a plaza with a park containing a fabulously crafted wrought-iron amphitheater where concerts are performed in the evenings; at the eastern end is the Plaza de La Liberacion; and at the northern end is the Plaza de La Rotonda, with a ring of Greek columns in the center of its park. The majority of Guadalajara’s Colonial architectural attractions can be found along this seven-block stretch.

Guadalajara’s historical center is delightful to explore on foot. First stop is the tourist office for sightseeing information and maps showing routes and points of interest, including the Cathedral, which is dated back over 600 years and can be identified from throughout the city by its twin spires that rise over 200 feet over Guadalajara. The Cathedral’s interior is striking, with rows of columns, eleven altars, and fabulous paintings, some of which were donated by King Ferdinand in thanks for the financial help given during the Napoleonic Wars. Another precious work of art here, a beautiful sculpture of Our Lady of the Roses, was also given as a gift.  Across from the Cathedral is another impressive structure, the Palacio de Gobierno, which dates back to 1643. Within the Governor’s Palace you can study a collection of murals by Jose Clemente Orozco, one of Mexico’s most famous painters, whose paintings depict the country’s long and difficult fight for independence.

Apart from the historic area, Guadalajara offers the traveler many other attractions including many parks and gardens. Its oldest and largest, the very popular Parque Agua Azul, contains gardens, an orchid house, an aviary, and a butterfly sanctuary. The Casa de Las Artesanias, an artisan market stocked with some of the finest locally-made arts available, is also located at Parque Agua Azul. This is the perfect place to find authentic, interesting entertainment and local festivities, and always a fabulous place for wandering, refreshing and soaking up the lovely Guadalajara atmosphere.

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