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Mazatlan, "land of the deer" in the ancient Nahuatl language, rests along the Pacific Ocean directly across from the tip of the Baja Peninsula and offers miles and miles of perfect golden sand beaches. Hosting several million visitors each year, it is definitely geared toward travelers looking for casual and family beach vacations. Most of the popular hotels here are modern high-rises offering inexpensive, all-inclusive packages. Mazatlan represents the inexpensive, sun-soaked beach vacation destination that helped launched Mexico’s appeal. The majority of the resorts here can be found in the Zona Dorado (Golden Zone) with its sprawling expanse of inviting shoreline, trendy restaurants, and endless souvenir shops. There has been much development over the past several years and Mazatlan has become a favorite for college students on Spring Break.

The downtown area has a spectacularly restored Colonial area. Here visitors enjoy tours and performances at the splendidly restored Teatro Angela Peralta, named after the world-famous Mazatlan-born opera singer, and the Cathedral, which has a foreboding gothic exterior and a fabulous baroque interior. The restoration of the Teatro Angela Peralta has done wonders for Mazatlan’s historic Colonial zone. A large neighborhood around the Plaza Machado has been renovated and converted into artists’ studios, galleries, and restaurants. Experience some of Mazatlan’s real hidden treasures here; check out several small museums and art galleries, find unique souvenirs at one of the many boutiques, or cool down with a drink and watch the gorgeous sunset.

Mazatlan is famous for its carnival. With its pre-Lent festivals including parades, coronation parties, dances, block parties and fireworks displays, Mazatlan claims that this is the third-largest celebration in the world after Rio’s Carnival and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Bullfights have always been a passion here and are usually held in the late afternoon on Saturdays in the enormous Plaza de Toros Monumental. A variety of day trips are possible from Mazatlan, including boat tours to the many islands off the coast, a drive or horseback ride into the jungle-covered mountains nearby, or an excursion into one of the neighboring towns of Concordia or Copala, famous for their inexpensive, well-crafted leather items and artisan furniture makers.

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