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Monterrey, known as the "City of the Mountains", or more affectionately "Sultana del Norte" (Lady of the North), is one of the most important cities in the country and presents a variety of options for the traveler.  Mexico’s third largest city and the capital of Nuevo Leon, progressive Monterrey is a historically industrial city that has recently become known for its wealth of leisure activities and cultural attractions. 

Those interested in experiencing a traditional Mexican colonial atmosphere may not find much of it in Monterrey, however this youthful city has much more to offer in the form of fabulous shopping, unique dining experiences, eco-tourism adventures, and a dazzling nightlife which boasts a thriving live music scene, glittering dance clubs and exotic lounges. Monterrey is the country’s leading cultural and educational hub. Mexico’s top university, the Instituto Technologico Monterrey, is among the many educational institutions here, giving the city a sophisticated, intellectual flavor. This is the place to take in contemporary art and architecture, international cuisine, and cutting edge rock music performances. Architecture buffs will be stunned by Puente Atirantado and Puente Viaducto de la Unidad, both located in San Pedro Garza Garcia, and don’t miss the gravity defying leaning twin towers, made of black glass and concrete, on the edge of the ITESM campus. Monterrey is home to several fantastic museums, including the Museum of Contemporary art.

Monterrey boasts one of the largest squares in the world, the Plaza Makro or Gran Plaza, a gorgeous and bustling spot at the crossroads of the city.  Allow some time to wander here and experience the garden paths winding through beautiful scenery, fountains, and excellent people-watching – the festivities continue all day long and well into the night. There are still remnants of the Colonial era to be found here in the neighborhoods adjacent to the Plaza which showcase renovated old world architecture. Monterrey’s oldest and most important buildings are found here, including the Cathedral, the Palacio de Gobierno, the Palacio Municipal, the courthouse and main post office, and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.

For the adventurous traveler, Monterrey and the surrounding area offers some incredible ecological attractions in an ideal climate. The towering Sierra Madre mountain range is within an hour of the city and provides a perfect backdrop for outdoor pursuits including some unique caves and stunning waterfalls. Other activities include hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling, surrounded by jagged peaks and vertiginous cliffs up to 700 meters high!

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