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The border city of Tijuana displays a blend of Mexican and American culture. This is evident in the architecture, the economy, and the faces of the residents and visitors. This has helped to transform the city recently into a modern, diverse and vibrant place. Tijuana is a quick trip from San Diego, and perhaps this is why Tijuana is the busiest and most visited Mexican border town, and famous for its boisterous nightlife.

Tijuana is also home to fabulous restaurants, modern museums, golf courses and modern markets and shopping districts; however the main attractions here continue to be bullfights and horse and greyhound racing. Tijuana’s seaside bullring (the only one in the world!) is located in the Playas de Tijuana on the US border, and is open and active on Sundays during the summer. Commonly found among the dance clubs and bars are a number of sports betting venues and casinos. The Agua Caliente Race track, in the Plaza Pueblo Amigo, is a legal sports gambling establishment. You can bet on almost anything here.

For an alternative to the gambling scene, get a dose of Mexican culture at the super-modern Tijuana Cultural Center, and take advantage of the enormous IMAX theater which has daily showings of beautiful, interesting films about Mexico’s history.  There is also another smaller theater here and a museum with an extensive collection of artifacts. The Tijuana Wax Museum (Museo de Cera de Tijuana) is another interesting choice, showcasing almost 100 wax replicas of historic figures and celebrities, open daily. Tijuana is on the coast but isn’t well-known for its beachside atmosphere. For a more typical beach destination, consider a day trip further down the coast to Rosarito or Ensenada. 

Most visitors to Tijuana cross the border and visit the main tourist area, the Zona Centro, and follow the “World’s Most-Shopped Street,” Avenida Revolucion, for about 10 blocks to experience an incredible concentration of shops, restaurants, stalls, street vendors, bars, casinos, and even underground passages... then cross back over the border, after spending hours bargaining for incredible deals on arts and crafts, leather goods, souvenirs, tequila and cigars. The Tourist Office on Avenida Revolucion and 1st Street offers brochures, maps, and tips for navigating this area. Venture a few blocks in either direction from this main avenue and take in some of the residential areas for a more authentic experience, and consider staying after the sun goes down to participate in the nightly city-wide party.

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