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The modern Mexican city of Toluca is located directly in the center of the country, only about 40 miles away from Mexico City, and is steeped in a rich traditional and historic atmosphere, stunningly beautiful natural scenery and colorful, charming residents. This combination makes Toluca a perfect choice for the traveler.

In Toluca one will find all the typical amenities of a contemporary city: fine hotels, modern museums, gourmet restaurants, a variety of shopping experiences, gorgeous parks and gardens, and an unstoppable nightlife. Toluca is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and the architecture here includes colonial buildings in the neoclassical style and contemporary buildings showcasing postmodern influence. Toluca’s historic city center is picturesque and inviting; spend an afternoon exploring quaint shady plazas (like the city’s main plaza, the Plaza de los Mártires), unique boutiques and a variety of art galleries and small museums.

Visit the Portales in the downtown area, several interesting gardens, theaters and churches are nearby. Toluca’s gorgeous Cosmovitral, an indoor botanical garden, is housed in an art nouveau style, industrial stone and iron building under the world’s largest stained glass mural, created by famous Toluca-born artist Leopolodo Flores. Don’t miss the Parque Urawa near the downtown library, and the Centro Cultural Mexiquense’s extensive museums of anthropology, folk arts, and modern arts.

 Toluca is also a fabulous location for a variety of outdoor pursuits including camping, hiking, rock climbing and several fascinating archaeological sites. The world’s only volcano whose crater can be reached by a vehicle, the Nevado de Toluca is one of the more popular sites for adventure travelers. The surrounding area offers the National Park La Marquise, which includes important ecological preserves, horse rentals, watersports and mountain activities, and the year-round mild climate provides an ideal environment for any adventurous excursion.

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