A travel guide to Arkansas, United States of America providing Arkansas tourism and travel information.
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Arkansas is the perfect travel destination for any time of the year, offering unparalleled natural beauty, rugged mountains and valleys, vast wilderness areas and several lakes and rivers, including America's first National River, the Buffalo. The state is also home to many charming historic villages and dynamic, cosmopolitan cities offering endless hours of entertainment options, making it an exciting vacation choice for all types of travellers.

Arkansas travel offers numerous natural wonders just waiting to be explored. Some of the main attractions include breathtaking waterfalls and secluded caves. Visit the most beautiful of these located in the Ozark and Oachita ranges, including Bridal Veil Falls and Blanchard Springs Caverns, which ranks as one of the ten most beautiful caverns in North America.

Arkansas is also a playground for water sports, and the Oachitas are home to the most popular options. Lake Hamilton is one of the five "diamond lakes" in the state so-named for their crystal waters, and Lake Oachitas beckons nature lovers with the Lake Oachita Vista Trail, with over 20 miles of hiking paths which provide a way to enjoy the beauty of the Lake without being on the water. The historic Buffalo River, along with numerous other rivers and streams invite kayakers and canoers to brave the rapids.  Arkansas travel offers many tourism activities.

Cultural options abound in Arkansas for a change of pace from outdoor adventures. The state provides innumerable options to enjoy the arts including galleries, museums, arts centers and theaters hosting nationally recognized artists and performers. In Eureka Springs, visit the Art Colony, a combined studio and gallery space hosting twelve artists working together in nine buildings and including a house band on stage and other entertainments. Also worth a visit is 83 Spring Street Gallery featuring a huge selection of pieces from world-renowned brass sculptor Mark Hopkins. 

For families with children, Arkansas has countless affordable entertainment options. State parks, historical sites, interactive museums, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, and amusement parks provide all types of adventures. In Hot Springs, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls amusement parks are ideal for an all-day excursion with roller coasters, thrilling rides, nationally recognized music acts, fun and food around every corner. A water park on site consists of an enormous wave pool, a lazy river, a splash zone for toddlers and Crystal Lagoon, the largest water slide complex in the state. Another fascinating choice for families is the Ozark Medieval Fortress near Harrison, where a team of architects, historians and builders are collaborating to create an authentic medieval castle. The site is still under construction and is open to the public. A travel to Arkansas never fails to amaze visitors.

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