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Minnesota is known as the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes,” due to the countless lakes scattered over the landscape left behind by ancient glaciers. On the east, the state borders Lake Superior, the largest freshwater body on the planet. A travel to Minnesota offers great landscapes. Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, the state capitol, abound with arts, culture, and an enthusiastic professional sports scene. The cities are separated by the Mississippi River and make up an enormous metropolitan area, offering more live music venues, theaters and dance troupes than anywhere in the country except New York City. The imposing Mall of America is located in Bloomington and beckons with over 500 shops, 14 theaters and an indoor amusement park. In southern Minnesota, fertile farmland borders the Great Plains, and Rochester is home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Minnesota's natural features are perfect for visitors seeking exciting outdoor action or more tranquil nature pursuits.  The state provides hiking paths suitable for a short nature walks and multiple-day backpacking trips through forests, prairies, rivers and lakes.  One of the premier trails in the U.S., Superior Hiking Trail covers 235 miles and follows a ridge line through dense woods surrounding Lake Superior and passing several waterfalls. Rustic lodges are available along the trail for those requiring accommodation. The Mississippi and St. Croix rivers lead boaters on leisurely trips through the forest, or try the St. Louis River for a thrilling whitewater experience. 

The Twin Cities metro area includes the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and is the perfect place to base your Minnesota adventure. The cities are bustling with world-class entertainment productions and sporting events. Don't miss the diverse and interesting collection of museums here, including the Minnesota Museum of American Art and the thought-provoking Museum of Questionable Medical Materials. The Mississippi River forms the central border between the two cities and forms a focal point of recreational activity.

Minneapolis is a sophisticated city and one of the entertainment and cultural capitals of the country. Downtown is found in the heart of the Twin Cities and features high-rises connected by a series of skyways, which are enclosed overhead walkways. The city is the larger of the two and is known to feature a more modern atmosphere than its neighbor. St. Paul is the quieter and smaller of the Twin Cities and features a more historic charm. St. Paul is an architectural paradise, and visitors enjoy walking tours and boat rides along the Mississippi to take in all the sights. At night, don't miss the Ordway Music Theatre for a selection of Broadway musicals and concerts.

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